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Skiing in Italy 2009

Perfect conditions to throw yourself down a mountain on sticks

  • foothills
    Deep snow

Surrey Fire & Rescue Expo Day, November 2008

A rather wet day in November for the Surrey Fire & Rescue Expo Day.

  • foothills
    Hard life for hard hats
  • foothills
    Firefighting in the rough

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A weekend in Snowdonia, February 2008

For some unknown reason Jack let himself be talked into walking in Wales in February. Over 16 miles later, here's the reason why!

  • snowy_slopes
    The snowy slopes on the way.
  • hills_to_come
    A view of things to come.
  • bothy
    A bothy on the way up.
  • snowy_sumit
    Snow and rock leading up to another summit.
  • wales
    The most amazing view of Wales.
  • misty_morn
    Sunday morning as the early frost fades into another bright day.
  • llanrwst
    The bridge in Llanrwst and a gentle stroll along the banks of the river.